Online supervision in the application of the VdTMoCA

Online supervision in the application of the VdTMoCA

Free supervision sessions for mental health VdTMoCA trained OTs are provided at no charge on the agreement that each session is case based and that the sessions are recorded as material that can be offered as chargeable ICAN training material.  Facilitated by Dr Wendy Sherwood.  Each monthly Zoom-based supervision session (75 minutes) works through a client case provided by a group member, completes the Creative Participation Assessment form, and briefly discusses treatment priorities.

Limited spaces.

Contact to apply to attend - see information below.

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Special event - limited number of supervision sessions for OTs working with children/adolescents (paeds or CAMHS) May-July 2021. Four Zoom facilitated sessions with two highly experienced South African VdTMoCA OTs and Dr Wendy Sherwood. £50 for four sessions. Enquiries to