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General resources

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Video Introduction and overview of the VdTMoCA - for any discipline or interested individual. Very useful for explaining the Model to others. YouTube: Creative Ability OT Model

The ICAN list of publications, research and presentations is available within the e-learning environment for trainees. OT students can request this list from Wendy Sherwood by using their university email to email

Carter M, Khatri R (2013) Justifying mental health OT practice: Analysis of routine outcome measurement data.  Poster.

Carter M, Khatri R 2017 Justifying mental health OT practice.pdf

Using the Vona du Toit Model of Creative Ability for group work in community mental health.pdf 

Murphy L (2017) Embracing change: Introducing the VdTMoCA to the MDT on an inpatient adult mental health rehabilitation ward. Poster presentation at the 5th ICAN International Vona du Toit Model of Creative Ability Conference, London.

Murphy L 2017 VdTMoCA Conference Poster FINAL.pdf

Murphy L (2018) Being a catalyst for change: The journey of implementing an Occupational Therapy model within a multi-disciplinary team. Poster

Murphy L 2018 Being a catalyst for change. Poster..pdf

Sherwood W (2011) An introduction to the Vona du Toit Model of Creative Ability. TOG (A Caruna), 8(14) (26 pages)..pdf

Sherwood W (2013) How OTs assess creative ability in in-patient mental health services in South Africa: an MSc study. Presented at the 3rd ICAN International VdTMoCA conference, London.

Sherwood W, 2013 How OTs assess creative ability in in-patient mental health services in South Africa. Poster.pdf

Van der Linde J, Casteleijn D (2016) A comparison of two assessments of levels of functioning in clients with intellectual disability between occupational therapists and nursing staff within a long-term mental healthcare facility in South Africa, Curations 39(1), a1665.

Occupational therapists that are using the VdTMoCA want to provide good quality, relevant, effective, research and evidence based services for the people who need them.

VdTMoCA Foundation (UK) (2015) Creating the evidence: Research priorities for VdT Model of Creative Ability informed occupational therapy. 

Foreword by Dr Jennifer Creek. Creating the Evidence Research priorities July 2017.pdf