General information - The VdTMoCA and training

General information - The VdTMoCA and training

There are nine levels of creative ability, the first five of which are commonly seen in health and social care: ICAN Basic overview of 5 levels of creative ability.pdf

Online training:

  • Everything is in one place and easy to access 24-7 from all devices: PC, laptops, tablets, and smartphones
  • Work at your own pace
  • Track your progress, start or engage in discussion and send questions to the course facilitator
  • Access the modules at any time as many times as you want over a two-month period 
  • Blend of teaching-learning approaches
  • Collaborative and shared learning opportunities
  • Narrated modules with examples from practice
  • Workbook, essential reading, learning exercises, newly revised description of the levels of creative ability and treatment guidance, experiential sessions, quizzes
  • Access to conference posters and presentations relevant to course topic
  • Course completion certificate
  • Post training support regarding application to practice

The following are freely available to all course participants:

  • ICAN Overview of the VdTMoCA for all disciplines – online narrated presentation.
  • ICAN list of publications and resources (up-to-date) – Downloadable pdf.
  • List of references used across the ICAN training portfolio.
  • Optional quizzes to test knowledge on theory, assessment, levels of creative ability and treatment/intervention.
  • Email alerts  - ICANcreativity Buzz – brief summaries of VdTMoCA news, events and information to enhance VdTMoCA knowledge.

Mode of course delivery (see specific training courses for downloadable full information on content and pricing)

Training is comprised of a blend of teaching-learning approaches including narrated and read-only power point presentations, hard copy reading material, workbooks, practice-based templates, videos, learning exercises, practical experiential sessions and quizzes.  The larger the course, the greater the range of teaching-learning approaches.

All courses include narrated presentations which are particularly appreciated by participants with dyslexia, but valued by all. Many practice-based examples are provided, which are valued for bringing VdTMoCA theory and the levels of creative ability alive.

Online learning courses can be completed within an agreed two-month window unless specified elsewhere in a formal written contract provided ICAN.  Learners can revisit modules as many times as they want, 24-7 over a 2-month period until course completion.  Any courses that remain unused two (2) months after the agreed start date will expire and shall be deemed used. On completion of the course (i.e. viewed all module content), each individual learner will receive a CPD certificate and the link to the course will expire.

The eLearning environment allows for easy access to all courses and core learning materials, indicating how many course are to be completed and have been completed.

Having selected your course, all modules are listed in the order for completion. There is opportunity to enter into a discussion and ask questions directly to the trainer. 

A calendar shows all relevant upcoming events, such as webinars (if part of the course).

Participants can provide direct feedback on course modules in the comments section, enabling trainers to rapidly respond to continually improve courses.


System requirements

The courses do not support Internet Explorer versions 6-10. If you are using any of these versions, please consider switching to Internet Explorer 11 or another browser.  It is recommended that you upgrade to the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge.

Many modules are narrated and contain images or video footage, and large in size. Therefore, it is   probably best to view modules via a PC internet connection rather than on a mobile phone.

Feedback - See Testimonials page 

Team rates

Teams of 10 or more within a Trust or Independent healthcare provider can apply for significantly discounted team rate. The team can comprise of staff undertaking the VdTMoCA training for Occupational Therapists, OT Support Workers and/or Nurses and Healthcare Assistants. 

The training must be undertaken by participants individually. This option supports lead OTs in getting teams trained at the same/similar time and enables new additions to the team to get quickly up-to-speed, as the team has 6 months for all staff to complete their respective training courses.  Hence, this option seeks to support services in gaining access to the model as cost-effectively and quickly as possible.

The full amount must be paid in advance.  Once a course participant has registered for the course online, his/her place cannot be transferred and the course must be completed within 2 months.

Contact for information.


To book any course, complete the relevant booking form.


Applications for fixed rate and team rates must be made by contacting