CPD in the VdTMoCA

The VdTMoCA Refresher PLUS is for Occupational Therapists who want to build upon their knowledge of the theory of creative ability, refresh the very basics of assessment, build on their knowledge of the manifestation of the Tone-Active Participation levels of creative ability in relation to each other, and build on their knowledge of the relevance and application of the treatment principles.

The content is an expansion of knowledge gained through formal training due to the trainer being a South African expert in the VdTMoCA - and who has an exquisite way of explaining creative ability and the levels of creative ability.

Cost: £250 Duration: Over 8 hours of videos plus infographics.

Accessible 24/7, undertaken in own time, at own pace within a 4-week period (from the 10th of one month until the 8th of the next).

Trainees can undertake the whole refresher course or select individual modules to create their own CPD programme.


  • Course content "the facilitators discussed appropriate and relevant examples of using the Model in practice and the use of virtual group supervision sessions was a really good way of identifying with other UK OT’s utilising the Model in practice".
  • Length of the course: "With the training being re-recorded, I was able to split the training up over a couple of days to suit my working hours/needs. I feel this worked well in practice. It also meant that if I felt like I was loosing concentration I could take a break when needed, which I obviously would not have been able to do had it of been face-to-face or live".
  • Understanding of the theory, levels and treatment principles: "On the whole I feel my understanding has definitely increased, particularly in relation to the levels of Self Diff and Self Pres, which are particularly relevant for me in my work role".
  • Informing my practice: "The course has helped to reinforce that within my workplace, we do seem to be using the model in the appropriate way, however it has given food for thought on reviewing some of the tasks that we use and how some of these could be adapted, especially within the level of Self Diff. I plan to meet with my OT colleagues to feedback on the training, with a view to reviewing the novel tasks that we use within our service".

ICAN CPD VdTMoCA Refresher PLUS.pdf


Realising Creative Ability

For Occupational Therapists trained in the Vona du Toit Model of Creative Ability (VdTMoCA), either through formal training or experiential learning under the supervision of knowledgeable colleagues, Realising Creative Ability provides the continuing professional development needed to broaden and deepen knowledge.

Realising Creative Ability does just that - it will enable therapists to realise what creative ability is, how it manifests through the levels and the significance of the treatment principles. If you're thinking "but I already know, I've been using the VdTMoCA for ages", the content in this programme is highly likely to make you realise something different!

The programme content consists of the teaching by South African experts in the VdTMoCA. The breadth and depth of their understanding takes us far beyond the foundation level training available in the UK, and subsequently, beyond the practice-based understanding which has developed in most cases.

On that note, trainees should be ready to feel a little shaken by the amount of new knowledge they gain. At first, you might doubt that you have understood the VdTMoCA correctly to date because you realise that there is so much more to understand than you thought. That's normal. Embrace it - on completion of this programme, trainees should feel highly confident in their knowledge of the levels of creative ability and how to provide intervention.

Videos of supervision and teaching sessions regarding cases on Tone, Self-differentiation, Self-presentation and Passive Participation provide invaluable modelling of how to clinically reason a client's level of creative ability, formulate a treatment rationale and select activities for treatment. There is also recorded discussion regarding a client in the transitional phase of Self-differentiation and how transition manifests.

ICAN CPD Realising Creative Ability.pdf


Supportive clinical visit
This is by far the most effective method of increasing practitioners' confidence in how they are using the VdTMoCA in their daily practice.

This is the last year that I will be offering clinical setting-based input. Visiting services and answering clinicians' practice-based questions about how to apply the VdTMoCA have been the most rewarding initiatives that I've undertaken. They have also had the biggest positive impact on OTs and services. So, if you would like me to visit one of your services to observe aspects of practice, discuss how the model is being used, please contact me asap. I am setting aside 5 dates during the year for this, and once those have passed, there will not be more.  Cost is £400 plus travel and accommodation