Advanced practitioner knowledge

Realising Creative Ability does just that - it will enable therapists to realise what creative ability is, how it manifests through the levels and the significance of the treatment principles. If you're thinking "but I already know, I've been using the VdTMoCA for ages", the content in this programme is highly likely to make you realise something different!

The programme content consists of the teaching by South African experts in the VdTMoCA. The breadth and depth of their understanding takes us far beyond the foundation level training available in the UK, and subsequently, beyond the practice-based understanding which has developed in most cases.

On that note, trainees should be ready to feel a little shaken by the amount of new knowledge they gain. At first, you might doubt that you have understood the VdTMoCA correctly to date because you realise that there is so much more to understand than you thought. That's normal. Embrace it - on completion of this programme, trainees should feel highly confident in their knowledge of the levels of creative ability and how to provide intervention.

Videos of supervision and teaching sessions regarding cases on Tone, Self-differentiation, Self-presentation and Passive Participation provide invaluable modelling of how to clinically reason a client's level of creative ability, formulate a treatment rationale and select activities for treatment. There is also recorded discussion regarding a client in the transitional phase of Self-differentiation and how transition manifests.