NB. Sales will be processed but there will be no shipping from 17 May - 1 June 2024 due to holiday. 'Perspectives' (also fondly known as the purple book) is the most comprehensive book on the application of the VdTMoCA to practice, also explaining key aspects of theory and philosophy. This text provides detailed information and case examples of the application of the VdTMoCA to address the physical, mental and spiritual health and well-being of individuals in a broad range of contexts. These include stroke rehabilitation, dementia care (multi-sensory stimulation programme), low and high secure forensic services, seclusion, rehabilitation for people with complex needs (mental health), and a case example relating sense of self, sensory processing and volition for a person with a traumatic brain injury. Additionally, there is a chapter on combining sensory integration theory and the theory of creative ability to facilitate growth, and two chapters explore and make the case for understanding and facilitating growth of the spirit component of people, arguing for a change in the conceptualisation of the highest level of creative ability. Bringing the interrelatedness of mind, body, spirit together, a thought-provoking chapter explores the source of human creative ability and the effect pathology, impairments, injury and disorders have on the process of creative ability, with particular reference to schizophrenia, traumatic head injury, learning disabilities, substance abuse and pain. Several chapters provide detailed accounts of how individual and teams of occupational therapists approached the task of embedding the VdTMoCA to transform and improve their services, providing resources as Appendices for the reader to utilise. In total, there are seven case examples to illustrate VdTMoCA informed occupational therapy, including how it can guide other disciplines for working therapeutically with individuals. Cases are also drawn upon in a discussion of some of the core philosophical and theoretical assumptions of the VdTMoCA, bringing their inseparable relationship with practice alive to deepen the reader’s understanding of this valuable occupational therapy practice model. Sherwood W (2021) (Ed.) Perspectives on the Vona du Toit Model of Creative Ability: practice, theory and philosophy. Watford, International Creative Ability Network. Payment for all books is via PayPal either with a PayPal account or using a card payment. This book is printed by Graphic Design & Print, Norfolk, UK chosen because it trades for social return. As a Community Interest Company 100% of profits are used on social aims and objectives. These are to help people from severely disadvantaged backgrounds including people in contact with mental health services and learning disabilities. During 2020 this was extended to include vulnerable people in the community through isolation including those requiring practical help to shield. When you buy this text you benefit someone other than yourself and I am proud of this fact and to support Graphic Design & Print. Dr Wendy Sherwood.

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A preview pdf of this book is available in the Training, Resources & Events page of this website - go to that page and then to Publications.

Also see YouTube video on Creative Ability OT Model channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Rnw0b8mLjU