Patient Volition & Action in Occupational Therapy

DUE TO UK HOLIDAY SEASON, THERE WILL BE NO SHIPPING OF PURCHASES FROM 22 OCT-2 NOV 2021, BUT ORDERS WILL BE SENT FROM 3 NOVEMBER ONWARD This is an invaluable little book, containing original 1960s and 1970s papers and presentations by Vona du Toit, plus insights by Pieta Compaan on the experience of recovery through levels of creative ability following a spinal injury. Vona's original paper on initiative really sets out the philosophical underpinnings of the model, and explains fundamental beliefs about each individual's responsibility for who we become (and recover to be), and the role and responsibilities of the occupational therapist. The numerous conference papers by Vona du Toit provide valuable information about creative ability, particularly those related to specific client groups. Hence, papers in this book are frequently referred to and quoted in Perspectives on the Vona du Toit Model of Creative Ability: practice, theory and philosophy (Sherwood, 2021) and is an enlightening companion to that text. This book may be small in size but is huge in terms of theory and guidance for the occupational therapy profession. Although the book cover suggests this book is by Vona du Toit, it is a collection of papers edited by, and therefore referenced as Du Plessis et al (2009), which is the 4th Edition. The cover indicates that this is the 5th edition but it is a 2015 reprint with a minor amendment rather than a new edition. Payment for all books is via PayPal either with a PayPal account or using a card payment. Important information: This book is printed by Graphic Design & Print, Norfolk, UK, chosen because it trades for social return. As a Community Interest Company 100% of profits are used on social aims and objectives. These are to help people from severely disadvantaged backgrounds including people in contact with mental health services and learning disabilities. During 2020 this was extended to include vulnerable people in the community through isolation including those requiring practical help to shield. The cost of printing of this text is higher than many other printers, however the benefits to communities and our society far outweighs this. Please bear this in mind when comparing the price with other suppliers. When you buy this text you benefit someone other than yourself and I am proud of this fact and to support Graphic Design & Print. Dr Wendy Sherwood.

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Payment for all books is via PayPal either with a PayPal account or using a card payment