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Vona du Toit's (2015) Patient Volition and Action in Occupational Therapy book is frequently referred to in the 'Perspectives on the Vona du Toit Model of Creative Ability......' text - if you don't have it, you'll want to see what many of the authors are talking about. This is an invaluable little book, containing original papers and presentations by Vona du Toit. Vona's original paper on initiative really sets out the philosophical underpinnings of the model, and explains fundamental beliefs about each individual's responsibility for who we become (and recover to be), and the role and responsibilities of the occupational therapist. As a philosophical paper of the 1960s, the language and style may be a little challenging at first, but this paper on initiative is worth the effort in re-reading and thinking through it. The subsequent papers set out Vona's thinking about creative ability, progressing to the 1974 publication of the theory of creative ability. There is a lot of repetition in Vona's papers because many are conference presentations, which is helpful for learning the levels of creative ability in particular. There is much to learn from the differing presentations, particularly those related to specific client groups such as children with cerebral palsy. The book also includes a thought-provoking chapter by Pieta Compaan who provides personal insight into recovery through the levels of creative ability, as drawn upon in the ‘Perspectives….’ book. There is also a WFOT presentation by Dain van der Reyden on the model - including useful diagrams. This book may be small in size but is huge in terms of theory and guidance for the occupational therapy profession, and I am pleased to be able to bring it to the UK audience

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