NB. Sales will be processed but there will be no shipping from 17 May - 1 June 2024 due to holiday. Two essential texts for practice. 1. Sherwood W (2021) (Ed.) Perspectives on the Vona du Toit Model of Creative Ability: practice, theory and philosophy. Watford, International Creative Ability Network. A preview pdf of this book is available in the Training & CPD area of this website. Also see YouTube video on Creative Ability OT Model channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Rnw0b8mLjU Du Plessis (1991) Patient Volition & Action in Occupational Therapy. Vona & Marie du Toit Foundation. 2. 'Patient Volition & Action' is frequently referenced in the 'Perspectives' book, making these perfect companions for anyone wanting to gain a solid understanding of creative ability. The combined books weight less than 2 kg, therefore same postage and packing cost as purchasing just one of these books. Payment for all books is via PayPal either with a PayPal account or using a card payment. Important information: These books are printed by Graphic Design & Print, Norfolk, UK chosen because it trades for social return. As a Community Interest Company 100% of profits are used on social aims and objectives. These are to help people from severely disadvantaged backgrounds including people in contact with mental health services and learning disabilities. During 2020 this was extended to include vulnerable people in the community through isolation including those requiring practical help to shield. When you buy these texts you benefit someone other than yourself and I am proud of this fact and to support Graphic Design & Print. Dr Wendy Sherwood.

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